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During this challenge we aim to help you raise your vibration through a series of exercises and practices. We’ll get you to imagine you’re living abundantly by giving you a cheque to spend each day. You need to detail everything you buy that day with that money and really see it in your mind.


Whilst raising your vibration you will undoubtedly improve your life in many ways. A nice side effect of this is aligning to the vibration of abundance.


We will teach you the basics of the law of attraction and each day you will receive guidance to lead you on a happier, more abundant path.


Now the title of the challenge is a little misleading… Yes the aim is to manifest money, that’s what everyone wants, but really, that’s not the best bit. The real pleasure will come from the journey. THAT is where the real joy lies.


If I gave you $10 million dollars, you may think you would be happy, however, it’s unlikely that you would without a mindset change. Chances are you would burn through that money and be back to where you are now in no time. Likely more miserable.


So, with that in mind, what we are going to work on over the next 7 days is changing that mindset and helping you on the path to abundance.

Manifesting Money - 7 day challenge

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